Casa Filipka Art Talks

When Desire Becomes Home is a discussion about Her Clique's group exhibition Casa Filipka (February 11-16 in Mexico City), which featured works by 16 Eastern European women and non-binary artists, and was curated by Filipka Rutkowska. The show was organized as an ephemeral art collection that told a story of the journey to self (re)discovery. Showcasing Eastern Europe, a region that’s constantly in transition, where democracies are built on remnants of a communist past, the artists used their work to search for their individual, native understanding of identity, sexuality and belonging. The talk features the show’s curator Filipka Rutkowska, a performance artist Bozna Wydrowska and is curated by art collector and curator Edith Vaisberg.



The Body As Home which was the second panel explored the artistic connections between Eastern Europe and Latin America, which have been based on their often peripheral social and political position to the world’s superpowers. This panel focuses their discussion on issues of identity, body, and the self as explored in the exhibition, from the perspective of the Mexico City-based artists and creatives. The talk features artists Devin Osorio, Maria Conejo and Isabella Russo Siqueira, curator Ana Castella and is moderated by Ambar Quijano, Curator and Writer.



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