Karolina Jablonska A head vase (pink)


Medium: Ceramic sculpture (vase)

Dimensions: 6.5” (height) x 6” (width) x 5” (length) [16.5 cm x 15 cm x 14 cm]

Edition of 5 + 1 APs

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Her Clique is proud to present our latest collaboration, which features works by Polish artist Karolina Jablonska titled A head vase (pink and white). The limited edition comprises five pink and five white, ceramic sculptures, with all of the sale proceeds to be donated to Fundacja Ocalenie, a non-profit organization helping refugees fleeing into Poland. The ceramic pieces are a first for the artist who primarily works with paint on canvas. The sculptures are loosely based on Jablonska’s self-portraits which play a key element in many of her paintings.

Karolina Jablonska (b. 1991), lives and works in Krakow, Poland. The artist is inspired by the works of the Greats like Caravaggio, Tiziano, and Renaissance Netherlands masters but also others from the XX century. Jablonska explores dark sides of the self - unfiltered and without sweetened emotions, representing the complexity of tortured minds through colours and painful expressions.