Filipka Rutkowska A Step Forward, 2023


Medium: Charcoal on paper

Dimensions: The piece comprises five drawings each at 11.8" x 8" [30 cm x 21 cm]


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Filipka Rutkowska (b. Katowice, 1991) is a multidisciplinary artist working with performance, video and drawing. Her work is primarily focused on sexuality, society and identity from a gender-fluid perspective. In her practice, she explores how queerness can become a form of narration about society as a whole. Her performative assemblages, where body, costumes and objects form ephemeral personas that challenge the rigid understanding of identity. Frequently referring to female characters that have lost their charm and influence, she combines motifs from popular culture with experiences of gender fluidity. Informed by her training in choreography, theater, cinema, and nightlife, each work becomes a part of the multidisciplinary practice that aims to strengthen the non-binary perspective. Her performances often include installations consisting of works on paper and non-art objects that originate from private rituals and enter the sphere of art as a repository of queer knowledge.