Alonsa Guevara Fruit Portrait Triptych, edition of 85


Fruit Portrait Triptych (Kiwi, Clementine, Pomegranate)

Medium: Digital print (of a painting)

Dimensions: 10” x 10” [26cm x 26cm]


Edition of 85

Each fruit portrait is signed by the artist.  





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This Fruit Portrait Triptych is a series of three digital prints (of a painting), which feature the inside of a Kiwi, a Pomegranate, and a Clementine. The fruits are presented from the inside to symbolize desire, fecundity, and fertility. Through the universality of the human relationship to foods, Guevara aims to connect audiences from different walks of life, as each fruit brings specific memories of distinctive scents and unique locations where it has been eaten, triggering all the complex emotions we attach to taste. The artist's work blurs the lines between reality and fantasy while celebrating the connection between humankind and nature, with a big part of her inspiration fueled by her childhood memories of life in the Ecuadorian rainforest, where she lived with her family, having moved there from Chile. 


Alonsa Guevara is a New York-based artist. She received her BFA from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in 2009 and moved to New York in 2011. She was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Grant in 2013 while being at the MFA Program of the New York Academy of Art, and after graduating, she received the Academy's Fellowship award 2015. Alonsa's work has been published in Forbes Magazine, Time Out NYC Magazine, VICE, and more and has been shown internationally, including countries like China, Mexico, Chile, and many states inside the USA. Her most recent solo show was in May 2018 at Anna Zorina Gallery in NYC.

“My work is an act of celebrating the beauty and complexity of the natural world as well as an investigation of the vital connection between nature, humans, and our spirituality. I use painting as a tool to depict magical worlds that explore the limits between reality and fantasy while offering my understanding and appreciation of beauty. In my work, I often depict imaginary rites in which people perform ceremonies to celebrate the feminine energy, fertility and the cycles of life. In these paintings, flora, fauna, and human bodies embrace each other, commemorating the connection between humankind and nature, a relationship that has weakened with the passing of time.”