Anna Orbaczewska I Don’t Know How, 2022


Medium: Overglaze painting on porcelain

Diameter 12.2" [31 cm] 

This work is part of the series of the Mixed Feelings series of 15 porcelain handmade and painted, unique plates. 15% of the sale proceeds will be donated to Porozumienie Feministyczne 8 Marca, an organization promoting gender equity in Poland.





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The plate series titled Mixed Feelings is the continuation of similar such drawings on ceramic plates by the artist, previously done on breakfast and dinner plate settings.

In Polish households, such decorative style of tableware has been traditionally reserved for "special occasions" and not just ordinary, everyday meals. The artist plays on this idea by taking this traditional style and reinterpreting it by drawing what some may consider edgy, challenging imagery. On the one hand the drawings allude to a sense of nostalgia over what the household could be or should be perhaps, and on the flip side - the drawings speak to the idea that home can sometimes hide dark secrets. "Mixed Feelings is a series about breaking one's silence and challenging exclusion" - Anna Orbaczewska.