BLANDA The Subtle Body, 2021


Medium: Acrylics, Oil and Charcoal on wooden panel

Dimensions: 8” x 10”

Signed by the artist. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Art of Elysium.

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In this new series of eight monochromatic blue paintings, Blanda uses the technique of automatic drawing to create dynamic, dreamlike imagery centered around working from the quantum field. By surrendering control and allowing the subconscious mind to move freely, the process becomes a means of revealing otherwise unknown aspects of the psyche. The ethereal figures that emerge, as if formed by the ephemeral undulating wisps of smoke, appear to move through semi-surrealist deep blue landscapes––a nod to the delicate aesthetics and Prussian Blue signature of cyanotypes. Rather than conveying a specific message, each painting in this series is anchored in the space of introspection, leaving room for personal connection and emotional exploration on the viewer's end while acting as a gentle reminder of our inherent capacity for intuition.

Blanda is a Swiss, contemporary artist currently living and working in Los Angeles. In 2007 she moved from Zurich to New York to enroll in the School of Visual Arts (SVA) where she received the Silas H. Rhodes scholarship.

After graduating in 2010, she was sought out by The New York Times for a coveted Art Director’s position. She simultaneously started focusing on her studio practice during that time and, in 2012, left the corporate world to focus on her personal career.

Her work has since been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Zurich and Berlin. Blanda has also been commissioned for art driven collaborations by highly established international brands including Volvo, Missoni, Montblanc, Barbara Bui, Gucci and Soho House. Her work has been featured Vogue, Vice, New York Magazine, WWD, Glamour, Elle and Rolling Stone.

20% of the sale proceeds will be donated to Art Of Elysium, an artist organization for social change.